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History and Genealogy of the Stanchfield (MN) Baptist Church

Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Kaplans Anna  27 Apr 1801Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I4817 SBC 
2 Andersdotter, Stais Anna  29 Apr 1861Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I10694 SBC 
3 Andersson, Gutå Eric  18 Dec 1723Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15817 SBC 
4 ANDERSSON, Stais Anders  27 Aug 1785Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I10157 SBC 
5 Danielsson Råget, Daniel  9 Dec 1711Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5184 SBC 
6 Dordlofva, Kerstin Linnea  20 Sep 1909Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14333 SBC 
7 Hansdotter, Anna  3 Jan 1850Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I4895 SBC 
8 Hansdotter, Gössa Karin  Aug 1684Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13957 SBC 
9 Hansdotter, Pålack Lisbeth  1 Aug 1833Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14044 SBC 
10 Hansson, Dofs Lars  21 Dec 1816Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I430 SBC 
11 Hansson, Nissa Eric  1706Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15943 SBC 
12 Hansson, Nissa Lars  6 Dec 1692Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13954 SBC 
13 Hansson, Pålack Hans  Nov 1704Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6490 SBC 
14 Hansson, Pålack Per  6 Jul 1731Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6482 SBC 
15 Hansson, Ulars Hans  19 Sep 1840Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I9920 SBC 
16 JANSDOTTER, ANNA  16 May 1751Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14494 SBC 
17 Jonsdotter, Knekt Kerstin  6 Apr 1778Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I163 SBC 
18 Jonsson, Knekt Jon  4 Jun 1731Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I315 SBC 
19 JONSSON, Knuts Olof  26 Jan 1689Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I7716 SBC 
20 Larsdotter, Anna  1657Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14685 SBC 
21 Larsdotter, Björk Mait  1664Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14149 SBC 
22 Larsdotter, Bur Anna  26 Mar 1764Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6117 SBC 
23 Larsdotter, Bur Brita  21 Dec 1738Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15859 SBC 
24 Larsdotter, Bur Karin  14 Dec 1726Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5873 SBC 
25 Larsdotter, Kerstin  1661Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13951 SBC 
26 Larsdotter, Nissa Kerstin  25 Jul 1716Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13950 SBC 
27 Larsson, Brunbäcks Per  28 Feb 1762Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14452 SBC 
28 Larsson, Pålack Hans  4 Dec 1751Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13998 SBC 
29 Larsson, Peders Hans  19 Sep 1825Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I4561 SBC 
30 Mickelsdotter, Björk Anna  1679Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14363 SBC 
31 Nilsson, Nissa Hans  1657Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13941 SBC 
32 Olsson Råbock, Knekt Jon  7 Feb 1729Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I7702 SBC 
33 Persdotter, Brunbäks Brita  1679Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I12013 SBC 
34 Persdotter, Kerstin  1 Mar 1815Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I10867 SBC 
35 Persdotter, Nissa Kerstin  11 Feb 1869Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I10240 SBC 
36 Persson, Gössa Lars  2 Sep 1774Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I479 SBC 
37 Persson, Hans  6 May 1846Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I3090 SBC 
38 Stenberg, Erick P.  17 May 1861Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I3397 SBC 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Smeds Anna  28 May 1800Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15816 SBC 
2 Andersson, Gutå Eric  8 May 1771Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15817 SBC 
3 Andersson, Gutå Eric  22 Sep 1808Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15818 SBC 
4 ANDERSSON, Stais Anders  25 Oct 1827Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I10157 SBC 
5 Danielsson Råget, Daniel  29 Sep 1737Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5184 SBC 
6 Difs, Erik  20 Jan 1959Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5145 SBC 
7 Ersdotter, Björk Kerstin  16 Sep 1813Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I384 SBC 
8 Ersdotter, Kråk Anna  2 Nov 1863Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14049 SBC 
9 Ersson, Matslofva Lars  7 Jan 1782Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14746 SBC 
10 Hansdotter, Gössa Karin  23 Feb 1756Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13957 SBC 
11 Hansdotter, Knutar Brita  23 Sep 1811Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15820 SBC 
12 Hansdotter, Tur Anna  24 Jan 1828Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5182 SBC 
13 Hansell, Anders  18 Mar 1945Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I12970 SBC 
14 Hansson, Agders Hans  Jun 1730Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I12836 SBC 
15 Hansson, Gössa Nils  1744Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6492 SBC 
16 Hansson, Kaplans Lars  8 Apr 1854Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I11447 SBC 
17 Hansson, Nissa Eric  1741Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15943 SBC 
18 Hansson, Nissa Lars  Jul 1717Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13954 SBC 
19 Hansson, Pålack Hans  11 Sep 1762Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6490 SBC 
20 Ivarsson, Warg Eric  2 Nov 1732Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14934 SBC 
21 Jönsdotter, Lind Anna  14 Oct 1744Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14441 SBC 
22 Jonsson, Hinders Lars  23 Mar 1765Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14230 SBC 
23 Jonsson, Kaplans Anders  31 Oct 1810Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I5847 SBC 
24 JONSSON, Knuts Olof  15 Mar 1730Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I7716 SBC 
25 Larsdotter, Bur Anna  10 Jun 1810Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14405 SBC 
26 Larsdotter, Bur Brita  10 Jun 1810Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15859 SBC 
27 Larsdotter, Bur Kerstin  25 Jan 1771Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15824 SBC 
28 Larsdotter, Gössa Karin  21 Jun 1761Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14454 SBC 
29 Larsdotter, Hassis Brita  14 Apr 1743Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15946 SBC 
30 Larsdotter, Kerstin  Jan 1730Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13951 SBC 
31 Larsdotter, Nissa Kerstin  3 Mar 1737Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13950 SBC 
32 Larsson, Pålack Hans  30 Okt 1804Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13998 SBC 
33 Mickelsdotter, Björk Anna  1 Sep 1743Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14363 SBC 
34 Nilsdotter, Gössa Brita  11 Dec 1791Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6483 SBC 
35 Nilsson, Nissa Hans  Apr 1719Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I13941 SBC 
36 Nilsson, Pålack Hans  May 1730Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I14365 SBC 
37 Olsdotter, Hindrika Brita  26 Dec 1799Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I12891 SBC 
38 Olsdotter, Ivars Kerstin  8 Jan 1818Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I7748 SBC 
39 Olsson, Brunbäcks Lars  19 Aug 1770Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I12890 SBC 
40 Persdotter, Hindrika Anna  3 Apr 1772Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I6493 SBC 
41 PERSDOTTER, Ulas Karin  15 Mar 1733Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I7717 SBC 
42 Persson, Gref Lars  10 Jul 1738Holen, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden I15831 SBC 

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