From Orsa to Stanchfield

History and Genealogy of the Stanchfield (MN) Baptist Church

Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berg, Richard Emil  13 Aug 1897Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2075 SBC 
2 Berg, Stillborn baby boy  Abt 1914Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2083 SBC 
3 Berg, Victor Clarence  29 Mar 1901Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2072 SBC 
4 Bismark, Anna  19 Nov 1901Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2358 SBC 
5 Blomgren, Frederick William  27 Mar 1874Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1417 SBC 
6 Coleman, Grace Arlene  6 Nov 1920Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8297 SBC 
7 Coleman, Idell  28 Aug 1918Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I117 SBC 
8 Erickson, Raymond Peter  31 Jul 1898Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1285 SBC 
9 Grant, Juanita Harriette  21 Apr 1918Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I3334 SBC 
10 Lindberg, William Earl  23 Apr 1912Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2813 SBC 
11 Nelson, Agnes Christina  20 Feb 1884Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2956 SBC 
12 Nelson, Cora Clara  31 Dec 1888Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2957 SBC 
13 Nelson, Leonard  10 Dec 1891Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2958 SBC 
14 Nelson, Levi  1 Feb 1882Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2955 SBC 
15 Nelson, Lydia  27 Sep 1879Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2954 SBC 
16 Peterson, Erick  27 Apr 1873Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I614 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Brätt Brita  3 Jan 1909Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I637 SBC 
2 Andersdotter, Lång Anna  31 Dec 1897Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2597 SBC 
3 Anibal, Dean Sylvester  3 Jan 1970Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I4776 SBC 
4 Barthine, Anna  14 Sep 1958Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1737 SBC 
5 Berg, Stillborn baby boy  1914Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2083 SBC 
6 Brown, James Howard  21 Apr 1963Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2403 SBC 
7 Erickson, Vivian Viola  28 Sep 1987Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2888 SBC 
8 Johnson, George Virgil  28 Mar 1941Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I4289 SBC 
9 Larsdotter, Kusa Kerstin  21 Jan 1902Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1548 SBC 
10 Larson, Jane Doris  19 Feb 2005Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2411 SBC 
11 Nelson, Nels  1 Apr 1915Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2946 SBC 
12 Nyman, James Leroy  7 Sep 2011Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I10678 SBC 
13 Olsdotter, Bränd Kerstin  Abt 1903Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I3101 SBC 
14 Skarp, Peter  11 Jan 1902Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8527 SBC 
15 Smith, Helen Marion  3 Jul 2006Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I11953 SBC 
16 Wickstrom, Carolina Josephina  12 May 1903Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2947 SBC 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Grant, Juanita Harriette  13 Jan 1919Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I3334 SBC 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Larsdotter, Ingeborg Emma  20 Apr 1914Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1529 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlstrom, Carl Johan  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2103 SBC 
2 Ahlstrom, Charles Richard  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2108 SBC 
3 Ahlstrom, Donald Warren  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2109 SBC 
4 Ahlstrom, Harold Erland  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2110 SBC 
5 Ahlstrom, Vernon Edward  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2107 SBC 
6 Anderson, Hattie Esther  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I3658 SBC 
7 Anderson, Helen Sophie  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1287 SBC 
8 Anderson, John A  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I4686 SBC 
9 Anderson, Signe Elisabeth  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I7781 SBC 
10 Bates, Ann  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8772 SBC 
11 Berg, Andrew P  1914Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2064 SBC 
12 Boquist, Emil Linus  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I9074 SBC 
13 Boquist, Hedvig Marie  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I7027 SBC 
14 Dahlberg, Ernest  Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I11351 SBC 
15 Ekman, Hilda Olivia  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I9075 SBC 
16 Elvin, Anna  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I762 SBC 
17 Englund, Arvid Edvard  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I13549 SBC 
18 Englund, Carl Axel  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I13551 SBC 
19 Erbstoesser, Frank Walter  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8710 SBC 
20 Erickson, Charles  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1316 SBC 
21 Erickson, Kenneth Richard  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1346 SBC 
22 Erickson, Ramona Fay  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1348 SBC 
23 Erickson, Raymond Peter  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1285 SBC 
24 Erickson, Wendell Oliver  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1288 SBC 
25 Forselius, Bessie  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I12076 SBC 
26 Forslin, Andrew  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8990 SBC 
27 Forslin, Earl Antonius  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8993 SBC 
28 Gray, Isabella Elvera  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8581 SBC 
29 Grunden, Ole  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I9178 SBC 
30 Hanson, Andrew J  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I9162 SBC 
31 Hanson, Andrew John  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I9164 SBC 
32 Hanson, Lillie Caroline  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I550 SBC 
33 Judin, Kermit  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I3020 SBC 
34 Laman, Annie  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2106 SBC 
35 Larson, Albert  Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1341 SBC 
36 Larson, Dallas William  Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1989 SBC 
37 Larson, Dwaine Earl  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I11938 SBC 
38 Larson, Fred  Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1636 SBC 
39 Larson, Mary  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1282 SBC 
40 Levine, Frank Oscar  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I7598 SBC 
41 Levine, John Duane  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I7603 SBC 
42 Lidy, Andrew  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2912 SBC 
43 Lidy, Elmer Virgil  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2914 SBC 
44 Lidy, Norma Vendela  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2915 SBC 
45 Lindberg, Alfred Rudolf  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I2812 SBC 
46 Lindberg, L Peter  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1831 SBC 
47 Lindberg, Marion Rose  Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1844 SBC 
48 Lindgren, Rose  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1071 SBC 
49 Mongsen, Anna  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I1245 SBC 
50 Morell, Clara Amelia  1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota I8770 SBC 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Edwall  Abt 1935Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota F406 SBC 
2 Erickson / Larson  8 Aug 1894Stanchfield, Isanti, Minnesota F692 SBC 

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