From Orsa to Stanchfield

History and Genealogy of the Stanchfield (MN) Baptist Church




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlstrom, Carolyn Bothilda  27 Sep 1915Minnesota I2120 SBC 
2 Akenson, Nels P  15 Jun 1867Minnesota I4260 SBC 
3 Anderson, Alma Leora  6 Oct 1902Minnesota I4105 SBC 
4 Anderson, C Philip  1899Minnesota I13535 SBC 
5 Anderson, Caroline Wilhelmina  Abt 1865Minnesota I12511 SBC 
6 Anderson, Charles E.  19 Jan 1878Minnesota I6716 SBC 
7 Anderson, Christina  12 May 1894Minnesota I15 SBC 
8 Anderson, Delanie W  Abt 1913Minnesota I11086 SBC 
9 Anderson, Edwin Mauritz  Mar 1887Minnesota I12 SBC 
10 Anderson, Elizabeth  Jan 1877Minnesota I12516 SBC 
11 Anderson, Ernest Fabian Sr  10 Dec 1896Minnesota I9114 SBC 
12 Anderson, Genevieve  28 Nov 1914Minnesota I2325 SBC 
13 Anderson, John William  Abt 1873Minnesota I3199 SBC 
14 Anderson, Lillian Adeline  1888Minnesota I12244 SBC 
15 Anderson, Marian Dorothea  21 Apr 1916Minnesota I9353 SBC 
16 Anderson, Mary C  Aug 1884Minnesota I8874 SBC 
17 Anderson, Myrtle A  Abt 1904Minnesota I8124 SBC 
18 Babb, Carrie Mildred  13 Sep 1897Minnesota I12919 SBC 
19 Bahls, Mabel  23 Dec 1897Minnesota I655 SBC 
20 Barg, Gertrude R  Abt 1885Minnesota I10316 SBC 
21 Barthine, Lillian  2 Feb 1894Minnesota I1729 SBC 
22 Bebermeyer, Merrill  31 Jul 1898Minnesota I10304 SBC 
23 Beckman, Edwin Leonard  15 Jan 1897Minnesota I2138 SBC 
24 Beckman, Florence Marie  27 Sep 1903Minnesota I2089 SBC 
25 Beckman, Herbert  Feb 1888Minnesota I338 SBC 
26 Beckman, Oscar A  Oct 1898Minnesota I2139 SBC 
27 Beckman, Selma  26 May 1894Minnesota I2137 SBC 
28 Berg, Donald Frederick  20 Feb 1931Minnesota I137 Loose Branches 
29 Berger, Alice  Apr 1896Minnesota I8030 SBC 
30 Berger, Clara  Mar 1893Minnesota I8029 SBC 
31 Berger, Fred  Sep 1889Minnesota I8028 SBC 
32 Berger, William  Jun 1887Minnesota I8027 SBC 
33 Bergfalk, Carl Alexis  29 Jan 1906Minnesota I9538 SBC 
34 Bergfalk, Harriet Vivian Bernice  2 Jan 1915Minnesota I9542 SBC 
35 Bergstrom, Alfred Roy  5 Oct 1894Minnesota I12531 SBC 
36 Bergström, Eleanor Emilia  Abt 1921Minnesota I3042 SBC 
37 Bergstrom, Harry Leroy  28 Aug 1893Minnesota I2250 SBC 
38 Bergstrom, John Harry  23 Mar 1931Minnesota I2251 SBC 
39 Bergstrom, Lydia Licedia  12 Jun 1896Minnesota I12539 SBC 
40 Bergstrom, Olof  Abt 1868Minnesota I12938 SBC 
41 Bergstrom, Samuel  Abt 1872Minnesota I11629 SBC 
42 Berke, Harry F  1 Jan 1876Minnesota I4124 SBC 
43 Biskey, Arthur Douglas  22 Mar 1884Minnesota I5075 SBC 
44 Bismark, Fred  27 Dec 1899Minnesota I2357 SBC 
45 Bjork, Daniel E  Feb 1888Minnesota I4129 SBC 
46 Bjork, Forrest Earl  12 Aug 1916Minnesota I8840 SBC 
47 Bjork, Paul  Dec 1891Minnesota I4130 SBC 
48 Bjorklund, Martin  Dec 1898Minnesota I2302 SBC 
49 Blomgren, Clinton Lee Arthur  13 Apr 1934Minnesota I6932 SBC 
50 Blomgren, Ephraim A.  21 Jun 1880Minnesota I13482 SBC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Karin  Sep 1905Minnesota I1202 SBC 
2 Anderson, John  Bef 1910Minnesota I9936 SBC 
3 Berg, Amelia Florence  24 Feb 1937Minnesota I2073 SBC 
4 Bergfalk, Carl Johan  1892Minnesota I9544 SBC 
5 Forse, John William  Minnesota I8198 SBC 
6 Gabrielsson, Johan Alfred  1940Minnesota I11389 SBC 
7 Hansdotter, Jemtpers Karin  Minnesota I1376 SBC 
8 Hansdotter, Jemtpers Margreta  1889Minnesota I4590 SBC 
9 Johnson, Mary  1951Minnesota I12565 SBC 
10 Johnson, Ruby Viola  28 Sep 1992Minnesota I9442 SBC 
11 Larm, John M  31 May 1889Minnesota I13644 SBC 
12 Larm, Lawrence L  17 Sep 1893Minnesota I13651 SBC 
13 Lundin, Alida Gertrude  17 Jul 1983Minnesota I4434 SBC 
14 Mickelson, Peter  1 Jul 1916Minnesota I12242 SBC 
15 Nelson, Hilda Olsdotter  Abt 1950Minnesota I3810 SBC 
16 Nordlund, Alice Emma Augusta  6 Sep 1979Minnesota I9314 SBC 
17 Okerman, Andrew  Abt 1896Minnesota I9376 SBC 
18 Olsdotter, Dunder Karin  Bef 1910Minnesota I1830 SBC 
19 Olson, Caroline A  1936Minnesota I16358 SBC 
20 Olson, Regina Victoria  22 Feb 2003Minnesota I3378 SBC 
21 Ostrom, Olof E  15 Sep 1919Minnesota I235 Loose Branches 
22 Paulson, Frank  Bef 1900Minnesota I11745 SBC 
23 Peterson, Selma  15 Jan 1918Minnesota I452 SBC 
24 Stavem, Louis O  24 Mar 1938Minnesota I8047 SBC 
25 Townsend, Emerson  Bef 1900Minnesota I1517 SBC 
26 Wildes, Unknown  Bef 1930Minnesota I8473 SBC 
27 Wilson, Lewis  Abt 1871Minnesota I4529 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Vivier, Louis  14 Apr 1989Minnesota I10986 SBC 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Emil  1898Minnesota I13538 SBC 
2 Anderson, John William  Abt 1874Minnesota I3199 SBC 
3 Bogg, Mabel  Mar 1899Minnesota I1217 SBC 
4 Coleman, Grace Arlene  Abt 1921Minnesota I8297 SBC 
5 Dahlgren, Anna Luella  Abt 1897Minnesota I3929 SBC 
6 Dahlman, Earl Kermit  Abt 1904Minnesota I88 SBC 
7 Engstrom, Reuben Leonard  Abt 1896Minnesota I9199 SBC 
8 Erickson, Curtis Myron  Abt 1920Minnesota I8745 SBC 
9 Erickson, Edith Victoria  16 Jan 1901Minnesota I7793 SBC 
10 Gabrielson, James Roger  16 Apr 1918Minnesota I3308 SBC 
11 Gabrielson, Wallace William  Abt 1916Minnesota I3307 SBC 
12 Gray, Anna Florence  Abt 1895Minnesota I716 SBC 
13 Gray, Edward H  Abt 1875Minnesota I2101 SBC 
14 Gray, Frank Joseph  Abt 1876Minnesota I2002 SBC 
15 Hanson, Dorothy Ann  Abt 1931Minnesota I9097 SBC 
16 Hanson, Edwin John  Abt May 1880Minnesota I4792 SBC 
17 Hanson Sundstrom, Artancy Florence  28 Oct 1905Minnesota I3763 SBC 
18 Hawkinson, Donald Alton DeWayne  Abt 1923Minnesota I13276 SBC 
19 Hedlund, Alfred  Abt 1901Minnesota I4365 SBC 
20 Hill, Louis George  Abt 1874Minnesota I77 SBC 
21 Johnson, Joseph  Abt 1879Minnesota I4042 SBC 
22 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1869Minnesota I4307 SBC 
23 Laman, Emma Marie  Feb 1890Minnesota I2118 SBC 
24 Larson, Ellen  Abt 1900Minnesota I4502 SBC 
25 Larson, Lydia  12 Jan 1871Minnesota I4597 SBC 
26 Lindblad, Stanley Chester  20 Apr 1896Minnesota I4251 SBC 
27 Medin, Alma  Jun 1876Minnesota I11709 SBC 
28 Olson, Earl Stanley  16 Jul 1908Minnesota I9170 SBC 
29 Olson, Fred A  Abt 1873Minnesota I2552 SBC 
30 Peterson, Adolph (Ed)  19 Apr 1874Minnesota I1969 SBC 
31 Peterson, William Jennings  Abt 1925Minnesota I13851 SBC 
32 Samuelson, Frank Denny  May 1879Minnesota I9279 SBC 
33 Smith, Melvin O.  10 Jul 1887Minnesota I4757 SBC 
34 Stoneberg, Ida Amelia  Abt 1889Minnesota I7600 SBC 
35 Torell, Alice B  7 Nov 1883Minnesota I13624 SBC 
36 Troolin, Donald Gladstone  Abt 1917Minnesota I2733 SBC 
37 Wistrom, Anna Fredina  17 Jun 1904Minnesota I3903 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Erickson, S Peter  7 Sep 1864Minnesota I1483 SBC 
2 Larson, Albert  Abt 1941Minnesota I1341 SBC 
3 Larson, Hans  Minnesota I1342 SBC 
4 Larson, Hans  7 Sep 1864Minnesota I1342 SBC 
5 Soder, Erick  Abt 1941Minnesota I1321 SBC 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersson, Dunder Emil  Bef 1951Minnesota I4996 SBC 
2 Bergloff, Emma E  1951Minnesota I7562 SBC 
3 Boquist, Margaret  Bef 1951Minnesota I11387 SBC 
4 Carlson, Evert William  Bef 1951Minnesota I3154 SBC 
5 Christensen, Patsy Ann  1955Minnesota I9215 SBC 
6 Coleman, Ethel May  Bef 1951Minnesota I375 SBC 
7 Erickson, Edith Victoria  Bef 1951Minnesota I7793 SBC 
8 Ericson, Bette Ann Geraldine  Bef 1951Minnesota I7996 SBC 
9 Fulkerson, Florence V.  1973Minnesota I7865 SBC 
10 Grellson, Elsie Elvera  Bef 1951Minnesota I3358 SBC 
11 Hansson, Sigra Viktor  Minnesota I11320 SBC 
12 Hedlund, Anna Mathilda  1965Minnesota I2763 SBC 
13 Hedman, Mabel Gladys  1958–1959Minnesota I7486 SBC 
14 Johnson, Irene Alice  1954Minnesota I1968 SBC 
15 Larson, Harry Evald  Bef 1951Minnesota I11087 SBC 
16 LINDGREN, Lenora  Bef 1951Minnesota I3989 SBC 
17 Mattson, Homer  Bef 1951Minnesota I9298 SBC 
18 Mongsen, Marcelle Reone  Bef 1951Minnesota I2988 SBC 
19 Mongsene, Hans  Bef 1951Minnesota I1623 SBC 
20 Mongsene, Rachel Mynette  Bef 1951Minnesota I2989 SBC 
21 Nebel, Claribelle Adelia  1955Minnesota I9328 SBC 
22 Olson, Anna C  Bef 1951Minnesota I7738 SBC 
23 Olson, Anna Eleanor  Bef 1951Minnesota I3373 SBC 
24 Peterson, Einer Adolph  Bef 1951Minnesota I6210 SBC 
25 Peterson, Loraine Marcella  Bef 1951Minnesota I8655 SBC 
26 Sorling, Bernice Maxine  Bef 1951Minnesota I11758 SBC 
27 Strom (Dahlberg), Arthur  Bef 1951Minnesota I761 SBC 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bergquist / Östman  1888Minnesota F1703 SBC 
2 Leaf / Godeen  4 Aug 1943Minnesota F3227 SBC 
3 Lockwood / Coleman  Abt 1951Minnesota F72 SBC 
4 Nelson / Barker  1940Minnesota F695 SBC 
5 Olson / Danielson  12 Sep 1896Minnesota F1505 SBC 
6 Paulson / Hansdotter  1884Minnesota F811 SBC 
7 Troolin / Hanson  21 Jul 1906Minnesota F321 SBC 
8 WESTBERG / Skoog  1912Minnesota F825 SBC 

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