From Orsa to Stanchfield

History and Genealogy of the Stanchfield (MN) Baptist Church

Isanti, Minnesota, USA


Tree: Loose Branches

Latitude: 45.5646, Longitude: -93.2934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Erland Nathaniel  30 Jun 1907Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1948 SBC 
2 Anderson, William A  27 Nov 1908Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3979 SBC 
3 Beckstrom, Rhoda Mary  7 Jul 1912Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12380 SBC 
4 Berke, Lawrence Stanley  3 Dec 1904Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4126 SBC 
5 Berke, Raynold Nathaniel  27 Nov 1901Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4125 SBC 
6 Birch, Verona Jessie  4 Nov 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4106 SBC 
7 Bismark, George  17 Dec 1906Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2360 SBC 
8 Blosberg, Dennis  17 Mar 1926Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13282 SBC 
9 Boquist, Margaret  6 Sep 1916Isanti, Minnesota, USA I11387 SBC 
10 Boquist, Ruth Charlotta Lavina  20 Sep 1914Isanti, Minnesota, USA I11385 SBC 
11 Brolin, Milton T  11 Oct 1905Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2795 SBC 
12 Brown, Dale Lee  8 Sep 1924Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2350 SBC 
13 Brown, James Howard  7 Oct 1934Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2403 SBC 
14 Brown, Rodney Lee Sr.  6 May 1932Isanti, Minnesota, USA I91 Loose Branches 
15 Carlson, Kenneth Emanuel  27 Apr 1929Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9501 SBC 
16 Carlson, Paul Milton  8 May 1907Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9437 SBC 
17 Challstrom, Eunice Leona  5 Sep 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8166 SBC 
18 Christensen, Dianne Margaret  10 Jun 1949Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9167 SBC 
19 Christenson, Edith Evelyn  15 Dec 1915Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9046 SBC 
20 Coleman, Dale Peter  20 Jun 1934Isanti, Minnesota, USA I140 SBC 
21 Coleman, Marian Judith  19 Jan 1915Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4572 SBC 
22 Coleman, Thomas Paul  24 Apr 1922Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1919 SBC 
23 Dahlgren, Ralph Wallace  11 May 1900Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4656 SBC 
24 Danielson, Dorothy Sylvia  24 Oct 1921Isanti, Minnesota, USA I15290 SBC 
25 Dansare, Clarice Jeanette  22 Oct 1924Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12248 SBC 
26 Edwall, Stanley  1 Oct 1895Isanti, Minnesota, USA I972 SBC 
27 Erickson, Clifford  31 Dec 1902Isanti, Minnesota, USA I7985 SBC 
28 Erickson, Laverne Dorothy Ann  5 Jan 1925Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8340 SBC 
29 Fredeen, Jennie Wilhelmina  24 Oct 1906Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13080 SBC 
30 Fredeen, Joel Oliver  27 Oct 1910Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13081 SBC 
31 Gerdin, Vivian Mae  28 May 1926Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8263 SBC 
32 Grant, Betty Ann  1926Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8411 SBC 
33 Grant, Verner  9 Mar 1911Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8408 SBC 
34 Hallin, Ernest Nathaniel  6 Apr 1900Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13837 SBC 
35 Hanson, Alvin Bernard  21 Jul 1918Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9163 SBC 
36 Hanson, Christine  1882Isanti, Minnesota, USA I332 Loose Branches 
37 Hanson, Harry  23 Jun 1905Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13809 SBC 
38 Hanson, Lloyd  16 May 1913Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13808 SBC 
39 Hanson, Mildred E  23 Apr 1885Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9827 SBC 
40 Holmblad, Violet  1 Dec 1900Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2898 SBC 
41 Johnson, Geneva  Dec 1897Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2374 SBC 
42 Johnson, Hazelle Theresa  17 Jun 1904Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8280 SBC 
43 Johnson, Leroy Wallace  12 Jan 1920Isanti, Minnesota, USA I11762 SBC 
44 Johnson, Ray Otto  30 Jan 1901Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2375 SBC 
45 Laman, Josephine Elizabeth Mae  11 May 1891Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2115 SBC 
46 Larm, Fordyce Alwin  23 Jan 1915Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13643 SBC 
47 Larm, Leona Josephine  21 Feb 1921Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13640 SBC 
48 Larm, Violette Mae  11 Mar 1917Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13652 SBC 
49 Larson, Anna Christine  17 Dec 1904Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13611 SBC 
50 Larson, Elsie Ethel  20 Nov 1902Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9663 SBC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahamsdotter, Maja Stina  23 Jul 1901Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12 Loose Branches 
2 Andersdotter, Gubb Karin  3 Oct 1883Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4314 SBC 
3 Andersdotter, Kerstin  17 Jan 1917Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12941 SBC 
4 Anderson, Andrew  Aft 1865Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1375 SBC 
5 Berglof, Delores Adeline  22 Jun 2012Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13291 SBC 
6 Bismark, George  28 Apr 1975Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2360 SBC 
7 Bloom, Monroe  28 Oct 1982Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13615 SBC 
8 Boquist, Ruth Charlotta Lavina  1 Jan 1917Isanti, Minnesota, USA I11385 SBC 
9 Brolin, Lenora Norma  31 Mar 1992Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2791 SBC 
10 Carlson, Paul Milton  16 Sep 1963Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9437 SBC 
11 Christenson, Ernest Raymond  2 Aug 1990Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9041 SBC 
12 Dahlgren, Raymond A.  3 Sep 1983Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4659 SBC 
13 Edstrom, Hilda Carolina  16 Oct 1950Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8951 SBC 
14 Erbstoesser, Max Emil Herman  6 Mar 1956Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9308 SBC 
15 Erickson, Carrie  15 Nov 1926Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3719 SBC 
16 Erickson, Eric Johan  1945Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6302 SBC 
17 Erickson, Fred E  23 Oct 1961Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12681 SBC 
18 Fredrickson, Andrew  24 Aug 1930Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13815 SBC 
19 Fredrickson, Annette  20 Oct 1918Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9841 SBC 
20 Graf, Olof  24 Mar 1910Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13176 SBC 
21 Hall, Pauline Frances  1 Mar 1970Isanti, Minnesota, USA I130 Loose Branches 
22 Hallin, Olof  9 Jul 1913Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4219 SBC 
23 Hanson, Agnes Melvine  11 Sep 1924Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3262 SBC 
24 Hanson, Frances Lillian  8 Aug 1972Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3263 SBC 
25 Hanson, Russell William  29 Oct 1922Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3265 SBC 
26 Hedlund, Anna  3 Mar 1924Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4843 SBC 
27 Hjelm, Anna  6 Aug 1933Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9652 SBC 
28 Hjelm, Hans  2 Dec 1925Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9647 SBC 
29 Johnson, Hazelle Theresa  24 Oct 1967Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8280 SBC 
30 Johnson, Ida Augusta  18 Aug 1968Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9037 SBC 
31 Johnson, Julianna  1955Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13803 SBC 
32 Jonsdotter, Hed Kerstin  25 Feb 1968Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2788 SBC 
33 Laggarson, Peter  1905Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1539 SBC 
34 Larm, Lydia E  6 Jun 1887Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13646 SBC 
35 Larm, Olof Michael  5 Jun 1889Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13649 SBC 
36 Larm, Peter M  30 May 1925Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13650 SBC 
37 Larsdotter, Ståbis Brita  14 Oct 1914Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9646 SBC 
38 LARSON, Edith Helena  8 Jul 1956Isanti, Minnesota, USA I16409 SBC 
39 Larson, Erick  20 Nov 1906Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4966 SBC 
40 Lindgren, Emma Christina  25 Jul 1963Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13607 SBC 
41 Loden, Anna Ericka  21 Mar 1896Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12573 SBC 
42 Loden, Edward D L  27 Nov 1964Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12595 SBC 
43 Melin, Lilly Viola  29 Dec 1882Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13310 SBC 
44 Nelson, Carrie  16 Apr 1913Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9 Loose Branches 
45 Nilsdotter, Carin  Aug 1903Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3706 SBC 
46 Noren, Frances Naomi  11 Jul 1996Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13330 SBC 
47 Norin, Helena  23 Nov 1923Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2509 SBC 
48 Olsdotter, Lind Kerstin  Bef 1900Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3627 SBC 
49 Olsdotter, Näsnissa Anna  30 Sep 1894Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6146 SBC 
50 Olson, Fräs Olof  9 Jan 1887Isanti, Minnesota, USA I7742 SBC 

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Larson, Mildred Catherine  6 Aug 1900Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1353 SBC 
2 Mickelson, Gladys Evelyn  27 Nov 1901Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2835 SBC 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Judin, Helen Cecelia  3 Oct 1966Isanti, Minnesota, USA I694 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckman, Erick  1 Aug 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA I612 SBC 
2 Berg, Andrew P  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2064 SBC 
3 Blomgren, Andrew P  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1633 SBC 
4 Blomgren, Andrew P  25 Jan 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1633 SBC 
5 Dahlberg, Henry  24 Jul 1905Isanti, Minnesota, USA I791 SBC 
6 Dansare, Carl August  27 Apr 1925Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8117 SBC 
7 Erickson, S Peter  7 Jun 1890Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1483 SBC 
8 Hanson, Christine  8 Sep 1913Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1837 SBC 
9 Herdine, Erick  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I901 SBC 
10 Johnson, Per August  16 Oct 1922Isanti, Minnesota, USA I806 SBC 
11 Moller, Anders Gustaf  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I13346 SBC 
12 Stone, Andrew G  3 Dec 1902Isanti, Minnesota, USA I7607 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Jax Brita  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2265 SBC 
2 Anderson, John William  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3199 SBC 
3 Barthine, Andrew  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1731 SBC 
4 Beckman, Andrew H  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I950 SBC 
5 Beckman, Edwin Leonard  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2138 SBC 
6 Belander, Charles John  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2175 SBC 
7 Bogge, Henry  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1501 SBC 
8 Dahlberg, Henry P  30 Sep 1871Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1060 SBC 
9 Edblad, Isaac Christopher  1860Isanti, Minnesota, USA I7638 SBC 
10 Engstrom, Fridolph  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8284 SBC 
11 Erickson, Oscar William  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9183 SBC 
12 Erickson, William  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3071 SBC 
13 Forselius, Bessie  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I12076 SBC 
14 Hanson, Hans  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4787 SBC 
15 Jonsdotter, Christierns Kerstin  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4788 SBC 
16 Jonsdotter, Christine  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3461 SBC 
17 Larson, Albert  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1341 SBC 
18 Larson, Andrew H  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6598 SBC 
19 Leaf, Andrew (Jonas Anders)  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2264 SBC 
20 Lofgren, John  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I1887 SBC 
21 Loren, Maggie  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I942 SBC 
22 Lund, Ethel Evelyn  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6708 SBC 
23 Olson, Ole (Stam)  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8701 SBC 
24 Peterson, Erick  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I811 SBC 
25 Peterson, Guy Ward  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I410 SBC 
26 Peterson, Herbert Seward  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I416 SBC 
27 Peterson, Levi Edward  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I739 SBC 
28 Quick, Nels  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8877 SBC 
29 Rydberg, Eric A  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3463 SBC 
30 Rydberg, Erick  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3462 SBC 
31 Skarp, Peter  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8527 SBC 
32 Skoglund, Charles  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I4382 SBC 
33 Soderlund, Joseph Hans  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I2612 SBC 
34 Strand, Christina  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6895 SBC 
35 Strom (Dahlberg), Arthur  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I761 SBC 
36 Sund, Edward A  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I406 SBC 
37 Viotti, Oscar Ferdinand  1 Jul 1891Isanti, Minnesota, USA I6321 SBC 
38 Warren, Mary  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I8285 SBC 
39 Wax, Andrew  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I9893 SBC 
40 Wistrom, Reynold  Isanti, Minnesota, USA I3915 SBC 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   26 Aug 1906Isanti, Minnesota, USA F59 Loose Branches 
2 /   14 Jun 1930Isanti, Minnesota, USA F82 Loose Branches 
3 Anderson / Becklin  1 Jan 1898Isanti, Minnesota, USA F2646 SBC 
4 Anderson / Mongsene  7 Oct 1936Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3928 SBC 
5 Anderson / Peterson  3 Jan 1909Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3283 SBC 
6 Anderson / Troolin  10 Apr 1938Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1252 SBC 
7 Anderson / Troolin  24 Mar 1945Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4684 SBC 
8 Barthine / Blade  20 Dec 1940Isanti, Minnesota, USA F814 SBC 
9 Becklin / Beckman  24 Dec 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1052 SBC 
10 Berger / Ulrich  1 Mar 1886Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3060 SBC 
11 Berglund / Englund  26 Jul 1891Isanti, Minnesota, USA F5041 SBC 
12 Bergstrom / Leaf  1 Oct 1949Isanti, Minnesota, USA F5774 SBC 
13 Bergstrom / Swan  27 Nov 1907Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4052 SBC 
14 Berke / Sundstrom  17 Apr 1901Isanti, Minnesota, USA F915 SBC 
15 Bismark / Larson  4 Apr 1925Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1011 SBC 
16 Bismark / Larson  22 Jan 1938Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1146 SBC 
17 Bjorklund / Bergman  17 Mar 1885Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1155 SBC 
18 Blomgren / Graf  28 Oct 1886Isanti, Minnesota, USA F865 SBC 
19 Bloom / Anderson  5 Nov 1902Isanti, Minnesota, USA F835 SBC 
20 Bloom / Nygren  25 Dec 1896Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4724 SBC 
21 Bloomgren / Anlund  14 Jun 1922Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4870 SBC 
22 Bottesi / Coleman  19 Aug 1935Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3053 SBC 
23 Brand / Bjorklund  1 Dec 1907Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1132 SBC 
24 Brandt / Erickson  1 Feb 1896Isanti, Minnesota, USA F76 Loose Branches 
25 Brown / Becklin  23 Mar 1919Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1142 SBC 
26 Carlson / Johnson  1 Jul 1933Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3429 SBC 
27 Carlson / Nebel  7 Jun 1934Isanti, Minnesota, USA F997 SBC 
28 Clarin / Skoglund  29 Nov 1883Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1850 SBC 
29 Coleman / Erickson  26 Nov 1881Isanti, Minnesota, USA F294 SBC 
30 Coleman / Erickson  4 Aug 1884Isanti, Minnesota, USA F209 SBC 
31 Dahlberg / Medin  27 Oct 1940Isanti, Minnesota, USA F3983 SBC 
32 Dahlberg / Sutherland  21 Nov 1872Isanti, Minnesota, USA F444 SBC 
33 Dahlgren / Strand  1892Isanti, Minnesota, USA F614 SBC 
34 Dahlin / Peterson  4 Nov 1933Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4876 SBC 
35 Dahlin / Sundquist  15 Jul 1899Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4872 SBC 
36 Dahlman / Becklin  7 Jul 1888Isanti, Minnesota, USA F173 SBC 
37 Dansare / Peterson  24 Mar 1923Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4460 SBC 
38 Dietzen / Nyquist  2 Jun 1920Isanti, Minnesota, USA F13 Loose Branches 
39 Doble / Olson  1 Jun 1929Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1507 SBC 
40 Doble / Olson  22 Aug 1936Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1510 SBC 
41 Ek / Olson  6 Jul 1944Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4868 SBC 
42 Ek / Stone  27 Jan 1902Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4382 SBC 
43 Eklund / Mattson  6 Mar 1895Isanti, Minnesota, USA F5004 SBC 
44 Elin / Peterson  27 Sep 1906Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4520 SBC 
45 Enemark / Olson  12 Oct 1927Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4691 SBC 
46 Englund / Bergman  1 Jul 1891Isanti, Minnesota, USA F5097 SBC 
47 Erbstoesser / Walinder  6 Oct 1938Isanti, Minnesota, USA F998 SBC 
48 Erickson / Joslyn  22 Mar 1937Isanti, Minnesota, USA F1243 SBC 
49 Erickson / Norman  1887Isanti, Minnesota, USA F171 SBC 
50 Erickson / Okerlund  6 Apr 1912Isanti, Minnesota, USA F4629 SBC 

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