From Orsa to Stanchfield

History and Genealogy of the Stanchfield (MN) Baptist Church

Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Emil  26 Jan 1881Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I6717 SBC 
2 Becklin, Adolphina C  23 May 1875Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I158 SBC 
3 Becklin, Adolphina Christine (Edith)  23 May 1875Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I6629 SBC 
4 Becklin, Alma Mildred Sophrania  15 Feb 1901Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13824 SBC 
5 Becklin, Arvid Theodor  22 May 1870Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I455 SBC 
6 Becklin, Astred M V  27 Sep 1902Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13823 SBC 
7 Becklin, Carl Reynold Wilford  6 Sep 1906Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13822 SBC 
8 Becklin, Chester Clifford  13 Mar 1910Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13821 SBC 
9 Becklin, Godfrey  22 Jan 1879Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I162 SBC 
10 Becklin, Gustav Donald Herbert  19 Oct 1908Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13820 SBC 
11 Becklin, Hadda (Ada)  4 Oct 1872Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I165 SBC 
12 Becklin, Isabella  2 Jan 1866Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I294 SBC 
13 Becklin, John  8 Dec 1897Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13819 SBC 
14 Becklin, Mabel  15 Jan 1892Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11707 SBC 
15 Becklin, Ruben William  2 May 1899Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13817 SBC 
16 Beckman, Archie  20 Mar 1901Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I342 SBC 
17 Beckman, Esther Elizabeth  7 Feb 1885Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I337 SBC 
18 Bloom, Marvin G  6 Jul 1903Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12821 SBC 
19 Bloom, Royal Ferdinand  14 Jan 1905Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12819 SBC 
20 Bloom, Wilbur Wilford  28 Dec 1906Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12818 SBC 
21 Dahlman, Elsie Inez  19 Jan 1897Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I210 SBC 
22 Dahlman, Oscar Severt  22 Dec 1891Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I221 SBC 
23 Erickson, Esther Adelia  21 Jul 1887Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8639 SBC 
24 Hanson, Leonard Emanuel  11 Nov 1887Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9823 SBC 
25 Hanson, Rosa  1881Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12633 SBC 
26 Johnson, Howard Whitney  25 Oct 1915Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8299 SBC 
27 Lindberg, Alfred Rudolf  10 Aug 1896Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2812 SBC 
28 Lindberg, Carl Leroy  18 May 1902Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2818 SBC 
29 Lindberg, Phillip M.  4 Dec 1913Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2819 SBC 
30 Lindberg, Ruth Esther  2 Oct 1904Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2810 SBC 
31 Soderman, Mary Caroline  24 Nov 1884Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9521 SBC 
32 Stake, Florence Anna  8 Jul 1894Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12296 SBC 
33 Stoneberg, Rodney Edward  7 Feb 1903Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3953 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Gabriels Kerstin  7 Nov 1927Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3473 SBC 
2 Anderson, Elaine Marian  28 May 2016Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8841 SBC 
3 Becklin, Alma Mildred Sophrania  4 Nov 1905Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13824 SBC 
4 Becklin, Arvid Theodor  5 Jul 1914Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I455 SBC 
5 Becklin, Carl Reynold Wilford  22 Jun 1991Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13822 SBC 
6 Becklin, Erick  7 May 1934Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I156 SBC 
7 Becklin, Godfrey  25 Apr 1932Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I162 SBC 
8 Becklin, Gustav Donald Herbert  29 Dec 1989Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13820 SBC 
9 Becklin, Hadda (Ada)  23 Aug 1873Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I165 SBC 
10 Becklin, John  13 Dec 1897Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13819 SBC 
11 Becklin, John Arnold William  19 Sep 1965Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13255 SBC 
12 Becklin, Ruben William  8 Aug 1899Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13817 SBC 
13 Beckman, Archie  30 Aug 1905Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I342 SBC 
14 Beckman, Esther Elizabeth  20 May 1959Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I337 SBC 
15 Bergstrom, John Harry  22 Jun 2002Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2251 SBC 
16 Bjork, Forrest Earl  25 May 2001Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8840 SBC 
17 Coleman, Grace Arlene  1 Dec 1994Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8297 SBC 
18 Coleman, Idell  19 Nov 1998Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I117 SBC 
19 Dahlin, Andrew Haqvin  17 Dec 1909Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13167 SBC 
20 Dahlman, Hans W  21 Oct 1938Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I290 SBC 
21 Dahlman, LeRoy Carlyle (Kelly)  11 Mar 1994Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I216 SBC 
22 Denis, Stephen  27 Mar 2005Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I10681 SBC 
23 Erickson, Floyd Theodore  30 Dec 2000Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8884 SBC 
24 Ericson, Victor Emanuel  27 Nov 1960Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1042 SBC 
25 Ericsson, Hilda Marie  11 Feb 1943Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9318 SBC 
26 Hallin, Eunice Constance  13 Jun 1907Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13838 SBC 
27 Herdahl, Andrew  8 Oct 1980Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I7559 SBC 
28 Johnson, Reuben Norris  6 Jan 2007Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I544 SBC 
29 Johnson, Robert Adrian  6 Sep 1999Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I541 SBC 
30 Klemz, Alice Juanita  26 Dec 2004Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3201 SBC 
31 Larson, Roger William  15 Dec 2008Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11381 SBC 
32 Lidke, Clara Ida  20 Jun 1984Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4777 SBC 
33 Lindberg, Doris Lenore  13 Mar 1990Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2815 SBC 
34 Lindberg, Mabel  6 Feb 1965Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I722 SBC 
35 Lundin, Andrew  12 Nov 1962Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4029 SBC 
36 Lunquist Shoberg, Elvera Ingeborg  11 Sep 1932Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I7259 SBC 
37 Moody, Alice Marian  15 Dec 1997Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1851 SBC 
38 Moody, Peter  5 Mar 1877Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13215 SBC 
39 Nelson Thoren, Andrew  13 Mar 1908Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9844 SBC 
40 Norberg, Alphonse Eugene  4 Jul 1971Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9632 SBC 
41 Noren, Reuben Nathaniel  12 Jan 1997Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I13326 SBC 
42 Nygren, Lillian Rose  1970Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11205 SBC 
43 Okerlund, Burton Wallace  5 Oct 2005Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3227 SBC 
44 Olson, Ellen  6 May 2006Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3382 SBC 
45 Olson, Oliver Leonard  5 Oct 1986Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2308 SBC 
46 Pearson, Nils (Persson)  1 Dec 1948Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I7171 SBC 
47 Schmidt, Adeline Nora  21 Sep 2009Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2877 SBC 
48 Soderman, Adolph Sven  14 Sep 1954Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4031 SBC 
49 Strand, Charles J  15 May 1918Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I6988 SBC 
50 Werlin, Anna  25 Feb 1911Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1784 SBC 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hanson, Leonard Emanuel  11 Nov 1888Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I9823 SBC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Andrew Ben  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4472 SBC 
2 Barthine, Verna Othelia  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1534 SBC 
3 Bird, Jennie Mae  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I7675 SBC 
4 Brand, Christine  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2284 SBC 
5 Brandt, Axel Elias  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1063 SBC 
6 Brolin, Andrew  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2789 SBC 
7 Brolin, Andrew  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2778 SBC 
8 Brolin, Lenay Margaret  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2796 SBC 
9 Check, Gust  1914Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4844 SBC 
10 Coleman, Earl Chester  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I431 SBC 
11 Coleman, Shirley Ann  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11198 SBC 
12 Dahlman, Andrew  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I254 SBC 
13 Dahlman, Clifford Reynold  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1864 SBC 
14 Dahlman, Dorothy Ann  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1861 SBC 
15 Dahlman, Eben Day  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1860 SBC 
16 Dahlman, Vergie Lois  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1869 SBC 
17 Ekstam, Margaret I  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8498 SBC 
18 Erickson, Carrie  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1398 SBC 
19 Erickson, Gotfred Bernard  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12642 SBC 
20 Erickson, Nelia A  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I7350 SBC 
21 Erickson, Vivian Viola  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2888 SBC 
22 Flink, Carl Leonard  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8495 SBC 
23 Flink, Olga Muriel  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8460 SBC 
24 Forsell, Lillian  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1051 SBC 
25 Hallstrom, Ellen Christine  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11760 SBC 
26 Hanson, Anna  1914Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1569 SBC 
27 Hoagland, Faith Dorothy  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I44 SBC 
28 Hoagland, Irving Roy  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I48 SBC 
29 Holin, Anna  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1330 SBC 
30 Johnson, Elmer Harvey  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4300 SBC 
31 Johnson, Floyed A  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11766 SBC 
32 Johnson, Frank Oscar  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I5081 SBC 
33 Johnson, Jeanette  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11767 SBC 
34 Johnson, Joseph  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4042 SBC 
35 Johnson, Leroy Wallace  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11762 SBC 
36 Jonsdotter, Hed Kerstin  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2788 SBC 
37 Laman, Leona Alma  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I11677 SBC 
38 Loren (Beckman), Dorothy Christine  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I47 SBC 
39 McGilvery, Angus  1905Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I6179 SBC 
40 Medin, George Henry  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I2621 SBC 
41 Medin, Lawrence A  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I6305 SBC 
42 Okerlund, Annie Louise  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I3489 SBC 
43 Paulson, Myrtle E  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8453 SBC 
44 Peterson, Andrew Gustav  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4160 SBC 
45 Peterson, Edith Ann  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4161 SBC 
46 Peterson, Esther M  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12929 SBC 
47 Peterson, Joseph J D  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I12928 SBC 
48 Smith (Selin), George Washington  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I8320 SBC 
49 Stoneberg, Bennie Lambert  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I4141 SBC 
50 Troolin, Grace Lilly  1935Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota I1327 SBC 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Becklin / Ericsson  13 Oct 1894Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F102 SBC 
2 Christensen / Long  30 Jun 1925Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F3794 SBC 
3 Coleman / Lindberg  1913Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F204 SBC 
4 Oman / Grant  1907Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F1451 SBC 
5 Soderman / Holm  24 Nov 1909Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F1697 SBC 
6 Wicklund / Christiansen  20 Dec 1946Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F3095 SBC 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bottesi / Coleman  Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F3053 SBC 
2 Lindberg / Dahlberg  9 Jan 1896Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota F421 SBC 

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