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Most of the census records list her birthplace as Norway, but 1920 has Sweden.

The death record of her husband lists Johanna Jonsson as the mother, which I believe is a mistake and the name of the wife was listed instead of the mother. That also has Norway as this Johanna's place of birth

If her last name was Jonsson then it would possibly match a Johanna Marie Jönsson that emigrated in 1869. Place of origin on that record is Nöbbele, Kronoberg Län but not sure if that is birthplace. 
Johanna Marie (I5659)
2 "Churchwarden Per Hansson soon joined the circle of "awakened" and led some collections where they read constructive lyrics and sang from the songbook - as well as some songs that he himself should have written." Hansson, Sigra Per (I9558)
3 "The picture shows Brita Bjarling (relative of Henry Lind) visiting in May 1981 (from Orsa). Next to him is Donald Henrickson, motel owner in Remer. He is the son of Marion Lind (second youngest daughter of Henry Lind)."

From Orsa Bildarkiv, photo of Wax Lake cabin where Henry Lind lived for a time. Search under Remer. 
Keding, Brita Kristina (I9928)
4 1860 household record lists her as a Baptist Persdotter, Nissa Margit (I10017)
5 3 daughters, 1 alive at time of death Joachimsson, Johannes (I285)
6  Ersson, Limos Per (I16206)
7  Gabrielsson Fläck, Per (I16116)
8  Jonsson, Olof (I16082)
9  Jönsson Strömstare, Grigg Jon (I15822)
10  Hansson, Frisk Hans (I15605)
11  Holmström, Olof (I15366)
12  Hansson, Dal Eric (I15118)
13  Persson, Bäckar Per (I14756)
14  Olsdotter, Brunbäcks Brita (I14448)
15  Andersson, Skarp Per (I14389)
16  Hansdotter, Anna (I14342)
17  Ersson Pålack, Blecko Anders (I14187)
18  Olsdotter, Ullars Kerstin (I14076)
19  Ersdotter, Jeppa Kerstin (I13719)
20  Peterson, Arthur E (I13573)
21  Bengtsdotter, Lisbet (I13539)
22  LeClaire, Cordelia Elma (I13415)
23  Andersdotter, Jugås Marit (I13040)
24  Hansell, Anders (I12970)
25  Peterson, Lina Stina (I12210)
26  Ersson, Spennar Anders (I12090)
27  Persson, Hack Lars (I10616)
28  Ersson, Lid Jon (I10494)
29  Hansson, Warg Eric (I10437)
30  Jönsson Sköld, Räs Jöns (I9787)
31  Dansare, Grace Evelyna (I8118)
32  Persson, Grå Per (I8079)
33  Ersson, Thora Eric (I6902)
34  Hansson, Bäckar Hans (I6679)
35  Larsson, Brätt Hans (I6343)
36  Hansson, Jugås Hans (I5973)
37  Olsson, Bond Jonas (I5496)
38  Hansson, Jut Per (I5430)
39  Jönsdotter, Ribb Karin (I4581)
40  Skoglund, Anna (I4480)
41  Ersson, Tros Lars (I4001)
42  Olsdotter, Spennar Karin (I3970)
43  Erickson, Carrie (I3719)
44  Anderson, August (I3185)
45  Anderson, Andrew A (I3117)
46  Nordin, Anna (I2395)
47  Leaf, Andrew (Jonas Anders) (I2264)
48  Peterson, Adolph (Ed) (I1969)
49  Andersdotter, Lång Anna (I1931)
50  Long, Louis L (I1930)

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